Pingpongo Dazzle @ Kulturhuset, Oslo

Pingpongo Norway events are always very special, here you can see some pictures from the last tournament in Oslo. It was set in Kulturhuset bar on Thursday December 10th, from 7PM till 10PM. It was organized by Tuva Langfeldt and Felipe Ridao as part of their cultural initiatives at Antipodes Café
PINGPONGO or “Table tennis with Obstacles” is arranged in Norway by antipodes café as an artistic platform to explore boundaries of reality and fiction.
This pretty situationist activity therefore can be presented as a collective performance based on the conscious appropriation of a well known sport and its diligent development towards infinite possibilities of interaction. It’s in the philosophy of this cultural project to promote creativity and democracy, as well as virtuous ideals as love for beauty, ethics, common weal and solidarity, without forgetting perseverance and the fight for utopias, despite adversities.

“Everything that is not Table tennis, is PINGPONGO” means that there is no need of a specific table, net or ball, as long as there is more than one participant, something goes back and forth from one to another, an objective scoring system for defining a way of wining are established, and all rules are previously agreed by those who are in."