Songs of Resistance (Mashallah News)

From the first days of the demonstrations many artists expressed their solidarity with the #occupygezi movement, including celebrities such as singer Sezen Aksu, actor and director Yılmaz Erdoğan, comedian Şahan Gökbakar (see video below), writer Orhan Pamuk and even pop starTarkan. A blog called ‘Artists in Resistance’ was started, gathering written or video messages from Turkish and foreign artists expressing their support.
Among musicians, rock band Duman was quick to record a dedicated song (watch below), which included the lyrics: “You have pepper spray, you have tear gas, you have batons and strong kicks, eyvallah”. The tune was released on May 31st and it was played more than 1.5 million times on You Tube. Many other famous and anonymous bands and singers released their own songs online. Student musical ensembles and choirs joined them. The blog ‘Music for Gezi’ keeps track of all this musical production.
With the help of our readers, Mashallah News gathered a selection of these ‘songs for resistance’. The diversity of genres, from traditional Turkish music to hard rock, hip-hop and electro, reflects the diversity of the demonstrators. The word “çapulcu” (looter) used by the prime minister makes its way into many lyrics, as does “gas”. The videos that accompany the songs reflect a deep sense of solidarity and derision: mocking with words, melodies and images the power, its lies and abuses. Many include footage of police brutality or mobilizations while others employ more comical backgrounds such as the famous penguins that became symbols of the movement after CNN Türk broadcast on June 2 a documentary about penguins while clashes and demonstrations were going on in many Turkish cities.

(To watch all videos, click here)